Thank you for your patience with our hiring process during this West Bengal State Election 2021 outbreak. We are anxious to have you join our team, and we know that you are ready to start work with Om Pvt Ltd as well. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a definitive start date at this time due to West Bengal State Election 2021.

We hope that you will be able to join OM PVT LTD once these circumstances change. We have every intention of fulfilling our offer of employment after mid of May 2021 barring unforeseen circumstances. In the meantime, we encourage you to look into unemployment assistance available to individuals who are unable to start a new job due to WB election 2021 by visiting OM PVT LTD.

We are committed to staying in touch with you by Mail : [email protected] regularly to keep you advised of any updates to these circumstances. If at any time you wish to revoke your acceptance of OM PVT LTD offer of employment, please contact us 8001658038 immediately.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience. I hope you are staying well, and I look forward to communicating with you again soon.

Sincerely, OMPVTLTD.IN

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  1. Tarun Tung


  2. Gour Hari Pal

    My 1st query West Bengal state Election in Districts of West Midnapur (Paschim Medinipore) already has been completed on 1st April 2021 so why recruitment process is not starting in such as district?
    2nd one total election process will be completed on 29th April & elections results will be out or publish on 2nd May so why not recruitment process will be started just after 2nd May? Why it’s going on long time after ( mid of May aspects) 29th April or 2nd May?

  3. Abhro

    Employee id password and training. When to start?

  4. Abhro

    Security deposit amount and Id Card Charge Rs. 3,500 । When will I get the Received copy?

  5. Himadri ghosh

    When it will start?? Can u plz tell me…

  6. Rahul Dhibar

    Sir , please tell when the work will start ?

  7. M.B.DURLAVPUR HIGH SCHOOL Higher Secondary Higher Secondary

    Sir….amader Aadhaar enrolment er training ba joining kobe thaka hoba….aktu bolben plz sir…..

  8. Sutirtha Mukherjee

    Till date any further progress ✔ done.

  9. Arghya Biswas

    Sir….amader Aadhaar enrolment er training ba joining kobe thaka hoba in block Krishnagar-I ….aktu bolben plz sir…..

  10. Partha goswami

    Joining toh tokhon e Hobe jokhon amra sobai user id password pabo.
    Keu ki user id peyechhe??
    Amar toh ta Mone hoy na.
    Company keno ekhono user id create korchhe na setai proshna.
    User id chhara toh kaj shuru korai jabe na.
    Company din theke comments gulor Kono reply msg o dekhte pachhi na.

  11. Bishnu Kumar Das

    Hi, sir good evening, ami 31 march 2021 Aadhaar enrollment officer er offer later payeci amader joining na training kobe jobe please bolben.

  12. Bishnu Kumar Das

    Sir KUMARGRAM Block e kobe tharke Aadhaar enrollment suru hobe bolben please?

  13. Seyoshree Bhukta

    Sab fraud keu taka diley fasbe… Eder moroner voy ney r era eder family keyo mritu dike niye jete chay tay ora ey pandamic fraud giri suru koreche r taka neyar por boleche… Tomra unsmart tay taka diyecho…. Erder amra kichu korte parbona but GOD ache oder family k r oder sabay k ses korbe… Karo rokto jol kora taka niye furti kora family niye ber korbe GOD
    … amar etukuy request je keu r taka diyo na era chor.




      A DOU KI HOBE?

  15. Rahul Dhibar

    Ekhane Kara Kara job joining hoar wait korcho .
    Jara kono khobor paoni , Taka diyecho , companyr sathe contact korte parcho na .
    Plzzz kindly sob candidate der request korchi nijeder contact gulo share koro jate sobai mile discuss Kore company against a kichu ekta step nite pare .
    Plzzz sobai ektu co-operate koro .

  16. Archana Pandit

    Hii can u share ur no i want to tlk to with u i also provide so mny candidates but still now Md is not responding always he say give me sometime any he not confirmed me either he give the job everyone or not not confirmed me R u candidates or Vendor response me

  17. Bhaskar mandal

    Tumar contact number ki acha vai tumar block kothai.

  18. Samir Mondal

    Ami Taka diyechi .. company naame case hoyeche .. joining hobe na. Khobor pelam kno Solution thakle bolaben please .

  19. Rahul Dhibar

    Contact koro soby


      ki bapere contact korbo

  20. Kausal das

    Sobai mile age akta group baniye eder against e case korte hobe se khetre 😑 ami thik jni na era fraud ki naa but eto din e kono na kono update toh dewa uchit evabe harrasment er kono mane nei


    Satyi Sabai mile group kore eder birudhye action neoya uchit. ara kono response korchhe na.

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